#CHAdventures: How to be barista?

[Certified Barista]

One of the highlights in #CHAdventures this year 2017 was to have my national and training Certificate for Barista.

“Once a coffee lover will always be coffee lover.”

I never taught studying coffee industry is a way way difficult than I expected. I taught that it just as simple like an instant coffee but Noooo!

You have to study the whole history, different brewing methods, tools and equipments, part of espresso machine, how to make latte and cappuccino and other beverage drinks, how to brew coffee using the manual brewing and a lot more.

Being part of this training opens my eyes to appreciate coffee more and appreciate the people who works in this industry especially farmers. My whole experience in studying coffee industry was like a rollercoaster ride. Mixed emotions perhaps. Before I ends this blog, I just wanna say thank you for my batchmates, Batch3 and new friends (Ate Bing and janed) and of course my trainer Ma’m Fardz.


I waited I guess 1month to finally be a partner. I had 3kinds of interview, the 1st was a hr interview, 2nd was store manager and last 3rd was district manager interview. [For more photos, please do follow me on my Instagram @mendezchaaaaa]

“Make memories by yourself” -CHA Mendez